Ministry at St. Paul’s is all about Worshiping God, Connecting with others, Growing in Christ, and Serving in Jesus’ name.


We were created to worship God, and worship is our natural response to him. At St. Paul’s, we worship together through the hearing and preaching of God’s word, by singing praises to God, and through the sacraments. But worship doesn’t end after Sunday’s services, worship continues throughout the week in our individual daily devotions, in our small groups, and through every act of our lives. (more)


Loving and accountable relationships are the foundation of transformed lives, and we structure our common life together so that members of St. Paul’s can form those relationships and so that visitors can become connected to those relationships. (more)


Disciples of Jesus Christ don’t “just happen;” they are made. We grow as disciples of Jesus through study of his word, through intentional discipleship relationships, through topical and application oriented studies, and by our individual spiritual disciplines. As we learn and grow in the knowledge of our Lord, our lives become transformed into his likeness. (more)


As we are changed and transformed by the Gospel of Jesus, we begin to reach out to others. At St. Paul’s, we serve the community in many ways, and we partner with others in ministering in the Dallas area and in foreign countries. (more)