The Commonly Beautiful


John Burroughs was a lover of nature and essayist, writing in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. In things that we drive by and are quickly bored with, he found endless reasons to marvel and love. That is, he just watched birds and went on walks.

He wrote this, “A man must invest himself near at hand and in common things, and be content with a steady and moderate return, if he would know the blessedness of a cheerful heart and the sweetness of a walk over the round earth. This is a lesson the American has yet to learn — capability of amusement on a low key. He expects rapid and extraordinary returns. He would make the very elemental laws pay usury. He has nothing to invest in a walk; it is too slow, too cheap. We crave the astonishing, the exciting, the far away.”

He wrote this in 1875. If he could see us in 2018, he might think that we have all gone incurably insane. Be careful out there. Beware of cellphones and TV’s and radios and billboards and “the astonishing, the exciting, the far away.” 

The gym I go to has a garage door that looks out over Frontier Park. Many times in the afternoon and the evening, I would see a crane swoop in looking for a toad or a mouse. To see a gliding crane at sunset is a necessary thing for your soul. That’s gone now. The field has been dug up and will soon be covered with cement for the new football stadium. That’s fine. I’m not complaining about a stadium. With all the sports and activities, Prosper is one of the best places for a kid to grow up. (I have 3 kids. I want them busy!)

But, did anyone notice the cranes? And did we realize how the beauty of a crane was important for our souls? And if they’re gone from Frontier Park, will we make an effort to find them somewhere else? Will we see the value of walking and seeing and saying yes to the simple and majestic beauty of creation? And then let that calm our ever roving souls?

[“The Art of Seeing Things: Essays by John Burroughs,” edited by Charlotte Zoe Walker. 2001.]



Small Groups! 

A great way to get connected. 

Study Scripture and Eat together.

The perfect combo.

Interested?  Contact Father Tom 


St. Paul’ s Ladies Night Out!

Where: Salsa Tex-Mex located in the Kroger shopping center (1700 N Preston Rd #19) 

When: Monday, January 29th at 7pm We will also be planning future night outs and signing up hostesses! 

Come and tell us what you’d like to do in 2018!

Instructed Eucharist

Ever wonder why we kneel when we do? or when to make the sign of the cross? 

January 28th at the 10:30 service, the service will be explained as we do it, piece by piece.

Come to for yourself and invite a friend!

2018 New Year’s Party 

January 28th 

Join our St. Paul’s family after the 10:30 am Service for a pot luck lunch. 

A sign up sheet and more information to come.

Holy Communion Class 

St. Paul’s will offer its “Holy Communion Class” for children in 1st grade and up. Classes will be held the following Sundays; Jan 28th, February 4th, and February 11th. These classes are held from 9:45 to 10:15 am in Room 113. The Holy Communion Class is not a prerequisite for receiving Holy Communion but an opportunity to learn more about this sacrament which is so central to our Worship. Sunday, February 11th will be “Holy Communion Sunday.”  On that day we’ll recognize those who have completed the class and celebrate with them as they receive Holy Communion. Please sign your child up to participate in this class by Sunday, January 21st. 

Contact Jen  or texting her at 214-621-2278.