As we are changed and transformed by the Gospel of Jesus, we begin to reach out to others. At St. Paul’s, we serve the community in many ways, and we partner with others in ministering in the Dallas area and in foreign countries.

Serving at St. Paul’s

  • Worship Ministry
    Worship at St. Paul’s requires many ministers. From Worship Hosts who welcome guests and assist with the offertory and Communion, Lectors who read our Bible lessons and lead the congregation in prayer to Chalice Bearers who assist with Communion. Younger members can help with carrying the Gospel book during the procession as well as act in the capacity of Acolyte to assist with preparing the table. Worship Safety members monitor the children’s wing and entrance to ensure the safety of our members and guests. Contact: Karyn Fortune at
  • Altar Guild
    The Altar Guild contributes to the dignity and reverence of the Eucharist by setting the altar each week, caring for the altar hangings, tending to the details of making the altar a focus of our Worship.
    Contact: Pat Bostain at
  • Intercessors
    Prayer is an essential part of Worship. Intercessors pray for others during Holy Communion and for the parish throughout the entire Worship service. Additionally, Intercessors can craft the Prayers of the People and may lead the Prayers of the People during Worship.
    Contact: Karyn Fortune at
  • Music Ministry
    Do you have gifts and talents as a musician or a vocalist? We are in need of musicians for special events and to be a part of our Music Team.
    Contact: Cliff Thompson at
  • Connect Team
    Visitors to St. Paul’s are met by friendly and informed Greeters who go out of their way to Connect the visitor to St. Paul’s by answering questions, escorting parents and children to the Nursery or Children’s Worship, and introducing newcomers to others. Greeters generally serve once per month. Connect volunteers also help coordinate occasional church-wide fellowship events and provide meals for St. Paul’s families after illness or birth of a child.
    Contact : Alison Blankenship at

Serving our Nursery, Children, and Youth

  • Nursery
    St. Paul’s nursery is excellent because of the dedication and passion of its staff and those who minister alongside them. If you would like to be part of this Team, ministering to the youngest members of our congregation, we’d love to hear from you.
    Contact: Savanah Shearouse at
  • Children’s Worship
    On Sunday mornings, the Children’s Ministry Team provides age appropriate Worship for ages 4 years to 4th grade. No previous experience is required – you simply need to be willing to minister once per month and the Team will get you plugged in!
    Contact: Jennifer Chapman at
  • 5-6 Worship
    The 5th/6th graders’ worship focuses on a deeper understanding of the Bible and actively serves others in the name of Jesus by helping to prepare meals for the homeless, among other ministries. If you would like to Serve here as an adult helper, we’d like to talk with you.
    Contact: Sean Mcconegly at
  • Youth Ministry
    St. Paul’s Youth Ministry meets Sunday evenings to connect with each other and grow their faith.
    Contact: Kate Smith at

Serving in the Community and Beyond

  • Cornerstone Assistance Ministry
    Cornerstone Assistance Network of North Central Texas is a faith-based nonprofit organization. Their mission is to unite with others to demonstrate Christ’s compassion by serving our neighbors in need. This is accomplished by sharing the Gospel and helping family units escape the cycle of poverty for good by providing resources, tools, and education. Cornerstone is always looking for ministers who will Serve by mentoring others or assisting in their Donation Center or Attic resale shop.
    Contact: Becky Morris at
  • The Gathering
    The Gathering is a ministry to the homeless in downtown Dallas. St. Paul’s serves there frequently by providing lunches and assists with a Eucharistic worship service.
  • Honduras