Advent 1

Saint Paul’s!

Here you are! December 1st! Christmas is coming at you like a child hopped-up on candy canes. Crazy time. But it’s great. Isn’t it? You see people you don’t want to see. You spend money you don’t have. You buy toys for kids that don’t need more toys. You carefully wrap presents that just get torn open.

Why do you keep doing all this? Are you just caught up in marketing and materialism? I suppose we all are to some extent. But I don’t think that explains everything.

Why do spend all this money and put forward all this effort? I don’t think it’s just because you’re sucked into American-Marketing-Christmas. I think it’s because you love. And love spends it self wildly for those it loves. Love is happy, thrilled, to give away the bank!

Christmas is a crazy time, but it’s also a time to let your heart rejoice in love and generosity. Give. Be happy. Love.

That is precisely what the Lord Jesus did. Instead of remaining in heaven and keeping all his glory and treasure to himself, he spent himself dry for us. Why would he do that? Why would he give that much? Because he loves us.

At church, in the Word and the Sacrament, watch as he gives himself to you out of love. He gives his thoughts and teaching. And he gives his very flesh and blood. All done out of love.

That is a Savior worth waiting for.

Join us for Advent 1 this Sunday!


There are a couple great things happening this week!

Men’s Ministry:

This Saturday morning 8-9, December 2nd.

Breakfast and Prayer–doesn’t get much better. 

Advent Wreath Event:

Immediately after 10:30 Worship Service.

Make an Advent Wreath for your family.

And have some chilli!