Come worship the Lord God Almighty with us. | Immerse yourself in a rich liturgy and biblical preaching. | Come walk the long and winding road of salvation with others walking the same path. | Come and know Christ, who loves you and gave himself for you. | Saint Paul's Episcopal Church

8:15 am: Traditional Worship 10:30 am: Music, Professional Nursery, & Excellent Children’s Programs

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Snack Signup

Want to provide snacks for after Worship?  Follow this link to get signed up.  We love snacks!

Advent 3

My daughter tells me that some kids on her bus (it’s always “some kids”) have enjoyed singing a bunch of swearing songs. From what I can tell, these songs are all original pieces, improvised on …

Advent 2

Shame is born in us before we know what shame is.  I have a very competitive child. Always running to win something. Always trying to beat someone. And the truth is, …

Advent 1

Saint Paul’s! Here you are! December 1st! Christmas is coming at you like a child hopped-up on candy canes. Crazy time. But it’s great. Isn’t it? You see people you don’t …